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M&M’s teaches the Belgian national anthem to fans of the Belgian Red Devils


M&M’s®, a partner of the Belgian national football team, the Rode Duivels, want to warm up the fans of the Rode Duivels singing during their practice matches. As part of ‘The Twelfth Man’ the best-known M&M’s® characters: Red© and Yellow© want to make sure that all Belgian football fans can sing along with the national anthem – The Brabançonne. In this way M&M’s® was to be a unifying force for Belgian football fans.


“Now the international friendlies are coming, the enthusiasm and support from the fans are important as a ‘united Twelfth Man’. We all know that the most – even famous – Belgian football fans often don’t know the national anthem by heart. To resolve this, the famous M&M’s® characters Red© and Yellow© will help football fans to learn to sing the national anthem in full voice,” says Sébastien Campopiano, Marketing Director Chocolate at Mars Belgium.

“The ‘Together, we are all Red’ campaign speaks for itself: like the M&M’s® characters everyone is different: yellow, red, blue, orange, green or brown ... But when it comes down to ‘The Twelfth Man’ standing behind the Rode Duivels, then we are all red together.”

From the first international friendly: togetherness with #SingwithUs

M&M’s® will call on the Belgian fans to stand behind the Rode Duivels as a united 12th man. That will happen in the stadium during the 3 international friendlies: against Portugal on 2 June, against Egypt on 6 June and against Costa Rica on 11 June. Before kick-off in each friendly, the big screen will show a karaoke style version of the Brabançonne in the three national languages, and with the title #SingwithUs and animated by the M&M’s® characters: togetherness and fun guaranteed!

To increase inclusivity even further, Yellow© will bombard the slogan “Where’s the party?” into a national slogan both in French and Dutch speaking television.

To those who want to buy some chocolate treats, there will be a special Belgian color edition of M&M’s® available in the shops. In that way, you can soon buy M&M’s® in a tricolor package and in tricolors.

The Mars Belgium staff will also sing along

Mars Belgium has been chosen as a Great Place to Work for the tenth year in a row by its workforce. In addition, the company was also nominated for the Special Award ‘Inclusion’. ‘Inclusion and Diversity’ is a priority at Mars Belgium, where several perspectives were seen as an added value. “First and foremost, inclusivity and diversity to us means that each member of staff belongs. Diversity provides enrichment and deepening of the corporate culture. A balanced team consists of people with diverse profiles, varied backgrounds and different perspectives. That is no different with the Rode Duivels; if everyone plays to their own strengths, the entire team becomes stronger and the results better,” says Pierre Camé, General Manager at Mars Belgium. All the staff at Mars Belgium, and their dogs – because they are also welcome at the head office in Zaventem – are already practicing to be able diligently to support their team.

Mars called for togetherness and inclusiveness with M&M’s®.

Mars is still a family business owned by the family of the same name, it is not a listed company and still holds strong values. These are summarized in the ‘The Five Principles: Quality, Responsibility, Reciprocity, Efficiency and Freedom’. As a value-driven company, Mars believes it is important to contribute to cohesion, not only within the company but also in society as a whole. Thus, inclusivity and diversity are high on the agenda and Mars thinks it is important that the brands also take the floor in societal debates. In this way the M&M’s® characters referred to a call to wind energy[1], Mars is a co-signatory of the Unstereotype Alliance[2], Maltesers® cut through stereotyping and misinterpretation of women in their earliest campaigns[3]. That is also reflected in the corporate reality: 1 in 2 managers at Mars in Belgium ware women. Globally it is 40%.

M&M’s® partner of the Rode Duivels

“The partnership between M&M’s® and the Rode Duivels is a ‘perfect match’. Quality comes first with both brands and they are also striving for the same goal: creating and strengthening solidarity, but also making more ‘fun’ with colorful chocolate candies. Both M&M’s® and the Rode Duivels are family-oriented brands that respond to shared enjoyment,” says Sébastien Campopiano, Marketing Director Chocolate at Mars Belgium.

M&M’s® is one of the most popular chocolate brands in Belgium

M&M’s® is one of the most popular chocolate brands in our country. It is the fourth largest chocolate brand in Belgium (source: Nielsen) and M&M’s® are present in 1 in 4 households (source: GfK).

M&M’s® is a brand from the ‘bite size’ chocolate segment. This segment, including M&M’s® and Maltesers®, is the fastest growing in the chocolate market[4]: the ‘portion control’ and ‘sharing aspect’ provided by this form of chocolate enjoyment, is increasingly more to the taste of consumers who want to combine enjoyment with a balanced lifestyle.

M&M’s® are available in 10 different sizes, from 45 grams to 1 kg ‘sharing packs’. They are there for everyone and for different occasions; from cozy moments at home with friends and family, to supporter parties.

Want to know more about one of the world’s most popular and famous treats, click here.

4 Nielsen: last 3 years (2015-2017): consumer volume growth total chocolate market: +5%, the Bite Size segment is the smallest segment within chocolate and represents 7.8% of total chocolate volume market and performs at a growing consumer trend by 19.8% over the same period 2015-2017. M&M’s represents 4.7% volume market share in total chocolate market.


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